Saturday, January 29, 2011

Listening to Records

Aurelia is spending part of the weekend with me. For quiet time this afternoon, we got under the covers of my bed and listened to a few of my records. To my knowlege, Aurelia has not experienced this before. She asked me, "When did you get this [album], Grandma?" I told her I got it when her daddy was a little tyke like she is now. I went on to explain that Uncle Hans, her daddy, and Aunt Heidi used to listen to the records all the time. We only listened to a few of them today, but she really liked them.

One album sleeve has a letter "P" written on it. When asked about it, I told her, "Your daddy must have written that."

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Heidi said...

I remember the old record player. I think I remember the Christmas records the most. I also had/have a Mickey Mouse record I liked a lot.