Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspirational Morning

I'm privileged to sing in the Wooddale choir. We have about 100 voices in our choir when everyone is present. Dave, our director, has a gift for finding the perfect music to compliment the message of the morning. Three of the four or five Sundays of the month, he puts together an orchestra, string quintet, brass band, chamber orchestra, or other fitting ensemble, to accompany us - along with the piano and of course, our gorgeous Visser-Rowland pipe organ. This Sunday he put together a brass and percussion ensemble. One of their prelude pieces was Fanfare of the Common Man by composer Aaron Copland. I just loved it ~ and so did the congregation!

At Wednesday's rehearsal, Dave shared with us the way in which the fanfare was commissioned. Until then, I had always thought the piece was part of the Olympics. Now I've learned that it has been used for many big, historic events. You can hear it here.


E Manders said...

That would have been so beautiful to hear! I have been a part of playing the french horn in The Fanfare! So fun! I am sure it was wonderful!

Pat said...

Beautiful. It must have been very moving to be a part of that.

MamaD4 said...

Annika picked you out of the crowd right away!