Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Annika in Disneyland Paris
Josiah's delightful meeting with Woody

It's not an exiting headline, but since my schedule this week isn't very exciting, I guess it fits.

Singing at the seven Easter services this past weekend went very well. I should be able to include the pastor's sermon in this entry, but I think I'll pass. One interesting thing to me is how the audience at times has the appearance of an ant farm - moms and dads taking kids in or out of the service; babies being passed back and forth; folks coming in late, or leaving early. It was more activity than we usually experience.

Before leaving for church on Sunday morning I called Germany and got to talk to Hans. He gave me a brief overview of their last outing: Disneyland Paris. Unfortunately it wasn't as much fun as they had hoped it would be. But it looks like the kids had a great time. You can read about it and see the photos here.

Aurelia is really changing. Sarah has the talent of putting darling videos together. They are posted here and here.

Six weeks from last Sunday I will be leaving on the choir missions trip to Ukraine and Austria. I've been crossing things off my list in preparation.

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