Sunday, March 09, 2008

Little Voices Over Seas

Yesterday I was treated by a phone call from Rachel. It was so nice to talk to her and hear about what they have been doing lately. You can read about it here. She put Josiah and Annika on the phone. Josiah told me they were making muffins and he had cracked the eggs. He said the muffins were going to be "cool." Then he counted to 20 in German. It was so cute.

For the first time in my life, Annika called me "Grandma." This was a happy moment for me. She talks so cute, ending our little conversation with a sweet "bye-bye."

It's not easy for me to differentiate their little voices - kind of like my problem with Hans and Peder. I like to think my hearing is average, but their voices are so similar.

Thank you for the fun conversation, Rachel, Josiah and Annika.

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