Friday, March 21, 2008

The Snow Continues to Fall (on the first day of Spring?)

I woke this morning to about 4 inches of new snow. By the time I left for work, we had had 5 or more inches. It has snowed all morning long and it is to continue all day. The last report I heard was that we have received 8 inches. It is very wet - and I know this because I was the second person to arrive at our office this morning and our parking lot had not been plowed. Consequently, I was plowed in. I went out about a half hour ago and shoveled away as much as I could from behind my car. Yikes! I did this as it will only get higher. Isn't this the first day of Spring?

I learned that Brian isn't the only pooch with a blog. Check this out:

This being Holy Week, I prepared myself by watching the film The Passion of the Christ last weekend. It's a difficult film to watch, but in my opinion it is very well done and closely follows scripture. I will be attending a Good Friday service tonight at the church where several of my co-workers worship. One of them is in the choir. I have always wanted to hear their choir sing, but usually our concerts are on the same dates as their's. Since the church I attend has a Maundy Thursday service, there is no conflict this year. I will be singing in my choir for 7 Easter worship services - 2 on Saturday; 5 on Sunday.

May all of my readers have a blessed Easter.

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Lynn said...

Happy Easter, Aunt Donna!

My Mom, Eddie, and myself went to Uncle Jerry's church service lastnight where his choir sang. It was very enjoyable. But, we did Communion and Mom got the bread stuck in her throat and then coughed the rest of the time!

We did not get as much snow as you. I am SO ready for warm weather.

Love, Lynn