Tuesday, January 23, 2007

World's Largest Indoor Tulip Show

Tonight I went to the Mall of America with my dear friend Nancy to have a fun supper at Johnny Rocket's and then wander through The Park to see the world's largest indoor Tulip show. Johnny Rocket's is a 50's diner, complete with nickel juke boxes at the counter. And what a deal -- the propriators leave about 6 nickels on the counter under each juke box so the guests will pop them into the machines and select their favorite tunes from the past. During Don't Be Cruel by Elvis, I asked Nancy if she wanted to dance, but she turned me down. ;-) The food was delicious!

After eating, we strolled down a couple of floors to The Park (formerly Camp Snoopy) to view the tulips and other floral displays. What we saw was very pretty -- but we both agreed that everything would be more vibrant in the daylight with the skylights overhead. In the evenings, it is a bit dark in The Park - making the trees, decorated with small lights, resemble a fairyland. But the lighting, or lack thereof, made it difficult to get good photos. My favorite part was the area where tulips were planted in Dutch wooden shoes (klompen).


-Peder said...

I knew that the wooden shoes would be your favorite. By coincidence, we were out there too but probably later than you were (730p-830p). I'm glad you enjoyed it.

DD4 said...

I had a feeling we may run into you there, but since it is such a big place, I thought you could be there and we wouldn't see you. My phone was out in my car so I couldn't call you.