Monday, January 01, 2007

Como Zoo

About 8 weeks ago a baby was born to one of the giraffes and one of the zebras at our local zoo - Como. Since I love giraffes, I put it on my list of things to see when my grandkids came to town for Christmas. I thought they would enjoy seeing them and the other animals too. Saturday afternoon Hans, Rachel, Josiah and I drove over to the wonderful zoo. It was raining, but that didn't dampen our spirits any.

We saw the baby giraffe, who weighed 165 lbs. at birth and stood 6 feet high. She was darling - has long eye lashes, and is very graceful walking around. She looked so sweet nuzzling up to her mother. I think MaMa was really proud of her. We didn't see the baby zebra - only a lone adult. They had no sign informing us of it's whereabouts, so that was a bit of a disappointment.

At the Large Cat building and surroundings, a tiger walked about the grounds growling and growling. It was rather fun to hear. Josiah and Annika seemed to enjoy seeing all of the animals. Josiah knows most of the sounds they make.

After seeing all of the animals, we went to the conservatory at the park where Hans and Rachel were married four years ago. Oh, it was so beautiful - all decked out in gorgeous poinsettias. There we met my Aunt Liz and cousin Pat. It was the first time they had met Annika - and she charmed them! So did Josiah!

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