Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Sixth Anniversary

The day before Thanksgiving 2000, I happened to look at the classifieds in a local newspaper. Now, to understand the relevance of this, I must tell you that I hate this newspaper because it leaves so much ink on the hands after touching it! So I usually pick it up from in front of my door and deposit it directly into my round file cabinet. It comes to my home free of charge, and it is impossible to be removed from the distribution, which is every Wednesday. But back to my story. . .

I had become a bit unhappy with my job after being assigned a new supervisor. She was very impersonal and noncommunicative. For days at a time she would work from home or travel to other offices and not inform me. So the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, something prompted me to look at the help wanted ads. My eyes spotted an ad for a job at a location very near my home. After reading it, I thought it sounded like it might be something I would enjoy.

Thanksgiving evening, driving home from dinner at Peder's, I decided I would drive past the office building to see just how close to my home this office was. I pulled up to the front of the building and thought it looked rather nice. After a minute or two, I drove into the second row of the parking lot to take one more look. Just then my headlights caught the eyes of three deer in front of me, two standing on the lawn and the other lying on the grass, gnawing at the branches of a tree. "It's a sign!" I said.

The next Wednesday I anxiously turned the pages of the newspaper to see if the ad was still there. It was and I acted on it. The rest is history. I got the job and today marks my sixth anniversary. I am so glad I was prompted to look at the inky pages. Once again, thank you, Lord!

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