Monday, January 01, 2007

Babysitting My Darling Grandchildren

Friday night was a time I have been looking forward to for a couple of months. Josiah and Annika were coming to spend the night with me! I had a few toys ready for them, had put the breakables "out of sight," picked up some frozen chicken tenders, Baby-Yo yogurt and chocolate milk. I was as ready as I thought I could be.

It was so much fun! They played and played - mostly in the living room. The darlings enjoyed looking at Frosty outside on my patio. Supper time went pretty well -- thanks to my co-worker, Karen, who loaned me a high chair for Annika and a nice wooden stool for Josiah.

Josiah and I sang "Down by the station early in the morning" as he played with my little train set and his Thomas trains and tracks. Annika played with a doll, and bounced to the tune coming from a music box. They really kept me busy.

After play time, I gave Annika a bath in my kitchen sink (easier than bending down to pick her up from the bath tub). Josiah had fun splashing and splashing in the tub and playing with the rubber duckies. Neither of them is afraid of water.

Bed time went well too. Annika slept in her pack and play at the foot of my bed; Josiah slept in bed with me, and on the floor (his favorite place to sleep). Around 4:45 am I heard Annika chatting and laughing a little. I got up, fixed her a bottle, gave it to her. And soon she was sleeping again - untill nearly 8! They were both so well behaved.

I'm looking forward to having them stay with me again!!!


MamaD4 said...

We sure wish that we lived closer, because you could keep them overnight every weekend or so. Hans and I really enjoyed our mini-vacation at The Grand. Thanks again!

DD4 said...

It was my pleasure. I'm glad you could get away and do something fun.