Monday, July 10, 2006

Renewing an Old Acquaintance

Over a year and a half ago, a dear friend of mine suddenly moved away to live with her parents in another state, because her father was very ill. She left a "going away" message on my answering machine, but the phone number was unintelligible. I tired many ways to contact her, but was unsuccessful, until today.

Today my sister emailed me to tell me that my friend had stopped by to see her at the mall where she works. They got to chat just a bit, and then my sister had to wait on a customer, so my friend departed. Drat! I still didn't have a way to contact her.

Then Janet sent a second message, which included my friend's son's phone number, that she found in the Rochester phone book. I immediately phoned the number. Levi answered the phone. I told him who I was and he remembered me. I asked if his mom was there and could I speak to her. Sandy came to the phone. We talked about 3 minutes, when I asked if she could meet me for dinner tonight. Yes, she said. We met at a restaurant half way between Minneapolis and Rochester. It was so much fun seeing her again, and getting to meet her daughter-in-law and darling grand-daughter. So now, Sandy and I can communicate once again - even though she now lives in Oklahoma!

I should mention that Sandy's father passed away in November of 2004. I am very sad about that. Now she is helping her mother who was diagnosed with cancer last fall. God bless you, Sandy. I miss seeing you, but am very proud of you! Let's stay in touch.

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