Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lazing About In My Cottage

I've taken a morning walk. Now with temps at or around 100 degrees predicted for this weekend, I have camped out in my cottage. Why not? It's a lovely place to relax -- no bugs, temperature controlled, peaceful, convenient, all the comforts of "home."

While reflecting on my past week, I realized I have had an excellent number of days:

  • Last Saturday: a family reunion for my father's side of the family in St. Peter, MN.

  • Sunday: time spent worshipping our Lord with my friends; phone conversation with my friend Lil.

  • Monday: renewing my friendship with Sandy (see entry on 7/10).

  • Tuesday: Chad's birthday (my son-in-law), and my annual singing of "Happy Birthday" to him. Phone conversation with my friend Cassie. Chat with my mother-in-law. She's thrilled to be leaving the nursing home and going home on Monday.

  • Wednesday: My dear friend Florine's birthday; Rachel's parents' surprise visit to my office. How fun! I hope they come again. :-)

  • Thursday: phone conversations with Florine and Peder.

  • Friday: Lunch at the home of a choir friend, along with other choir friends; delightful phone call from Rachel, with sounds of my darling grandchildren in the background.

  • Saturday (today): Heidi's birthday! She'll be walking 8 miles today as part of her training for the 3 day, 60 mile walk in August for breast cancer, then eating out with Chad at one of her favorite restaurants - Chili's. Happy Birthday, Heidi! Wish I could join you.

It's a good time to recount my blessings:

  • My kids and their spouses, and my grandchildren.

  • My brother and sister and her kids and her grandchildren.

  • My two aunts, my uncle, and all of my cousins.

  • My kids' spouses' parents and siblings.

  • My friends.

  • My pets (Tweety- a canary, and Cleo - a betta fish).

  • My co-workers. My job.

  • My dwelling and car.

  • Travel I have been privileged to have.

  • Good health, good attitude, my faith, and a hope in the future.

  • . . . I know I'm missing some things, but may add to this list as I think of them.

Now, back to reading the paper, cross-stitching for awhile, watching a movie or two, and whatever else that comes to mind. I hope to stay cool and not fret about the heat outdoors!


MamaD4 said...

That sounds like heaven to me! An undisturbed afternoon of reading the paper or a good book, maybe a movie and a little catnap. I hope you enjoy yourself. We are also avoiding the terrible humidity and heat here in Japan. Not very many places are air-conditioned well, so we just stay here in the house, which has great A/C, and go out in the morning or evening.

DD4 said...

Rachel, I just checked your weather and think I should feel more empathy for you. Here are my findings:

Current conditions as of 9:30 am JST
Temperature: 81°
Feels Like: 88°
Barometer: 29.74 in and steady
Humidity: 89%
Visibility: 2.17 mi
Dewpoint: 77°
Wind: ENE 6 mph

I can't even imagine those kind of conditions at 9 in the morning! My heart goes out to those over there without A/C.