Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cubicle Life

For the past 10 years or longer, about 40 hours most weeks of the year, I have spent my time in a cubicle - a space of about 6' x 8'. It's an interesting setting. . . overhearing my next-door-neighbor's phone calls (every one of them) to his wife, his kids, and many others, plus the sounds of the other 6 people whose cubicles fill the room. I have very limited counter-space, which a couple of weeks each month becomes over-flowing with work - both for me - and for proofreaders and editors. I also have cover proofs waiting for the 2nd and 3rd proof to come to me from the designers - plus new books to be distributed, etc., etc.

But on my walls and shelf, I have photos of my 3 kids and their spouses, and my darling grandchildren. After all, this is my "home away from home." And on my desk, I have a fish bowl with a beautiful fringed male beta named Cleo.

Tonight I saw a very funny article on cubicles: Some of these photos make my cubicle look pretty ordinary.


-Peder said...

Only some of them make your cube look ordinary? Does that scare anyone else? And you shouldn't let Jodi see this post. She'll get ideas.

MamaD4 said...

Here's an idea if you run out of counter and wall space for Josiah & Annika's pictures (which I'm sure is about to happen)--why not attach pictures to fishing line and dangle them from the ceiling, like a mobile? You have airspace to use up! You should take a picture of YOUR cubicle so that we can compare. I think you have a very nice, homey-feeling cubicle, by the way!