Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Red Hat Sewciety

Tonight was the final get-together of the season for the Red Hat Sewciety http://www.webtree.ca/inspiration/i_shall_wear_purple.html of which I am a member. There are 6 of us from work that have been getting together once a month to eat dinner and sit around and visit while sewing (or knitting, crocheting, quilting, etc.). We don't wear the whole Red Hat ensemble that some groups do. Rather, we wear a purple top and each of us has a red hat pin. On the second Tuesday of the month, others in our office are often heard saying, "Oh, this must be Red Hat night!" We have fun chatting at length, knowing we are not due back at our desks any minute now. One of the women has been working on crocheting the same afghan for at least two years. Tonight she jokingly announced that she will be putting her project away until we meet again next fall. It's been a standing joke - that if she cannot come for one reason or another, would it be okay if her afghan came anyway! I've worked on such projects as: a couple of sweaters for Josiah; a sweater for me; a counted cross-stitch project of 8 birds and a bird house (I'm still working on this). Tonight we met at a restaurant rather than one of our homes. The food was delicious - including the giant pop-overs that this restaurant is famous for serving. I am very blessed to work with many, many very nice people. It's great that we can be friends as well as co-workers.

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