Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and it has been a wonderful day for me. I'm out in Seattle visiting Heidi, Chad and their dog, Brian. This morning Heidi made waffles and home-made mini banana breads. They were just delicious! Following that we went for a nice walk with Brian and saw gorgeous flowers in nearly every yard. Seattle is aburst with blooms of many, many kinds - tulips, iris, peonies, lilacs, azaleas, wisteria, snowballs, and even the holly plants have little flowers. The sky was cloudless and I would guess the high temperature today was around 72 degrees. This is perfect weather conditions, if you ask me. No humidity or bugs! No wonder so many people come out here for a visit and end up moving here permanently.

This afternoon we drove downtown to shop and have lunch. We shopped in some department stores and then shopped in Pike's Place - a festive bazaar-type atmosphere. Once again, I couldn't believe the flowers. The clerks put gorgeous arrangements together in minutes. I enjoy coming here so much! It's also an excellent place if you like to "people watch."

After we returned home, Peder phoned and we had a good conversation. I have also heard from Hans today and Rachel and I talked last night. So, it has been a happy day.

I have been pondering "motherhood" and wondering just what kind of mother I have been to my kids. Once you have a child, for the rest of your life, your heart lives outside your body. Nothing can wound you like your child's own pain. Or your child. I know I could have been lots, lots better when they were younger. I wish I would have been more attentive to their needs. I wish I would have volunteered to go on some of their field trips at school. I wish we would have rented a cabin for some of our vacations. There are other things that I wish I would have done differently...but that was then and this is now...and I'm happy to report that we have a great relationship--my kids and I--and their spouses--whom I love very much. This Mother's Day, I'm remembering two things: no mother can possibly get everything right, every day; and the way my kids keep giving back so much love to me. So, to my kids and their families, thank you for making my day so special.

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