Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memories from the past

Today, while stopping by our last place of residence in Joliet, Illinois, to see our former neighbor for a few minutes, the woman of the house who is now living in said house invited me to come in and take a look around. Talk about interesting - and memories flooding back into my mind...the wonderful plastered walls, the plastered starburst design in the dining room ceiling, the chandelier, the ceramic tile on the bathroom floors plus the colored fixtures that were so popular then, (all things I was able to select when the house was being built in 1975!), the gorgeous cherry cabinets in the kitchen. I could picture each bedroom as it was then - Heidi had the nursery, Peder the room with chocolate brown carpeting, Hans' room with red carpeting - and get this - - the ceiling fixture in Hans' room of a globe of the world. Remember that Hans?! The flooring has all been changed, but the globe light fixture was still there!

The trees have really grown, and the only thing outside of the house that looked the same as when we lived there was the pavillion in the back yard - beyond where Happy Dog's dog house sat. Do you boys remember any of this? It was really fun!


-Peder said...

I remember some of it. The outside stuff more than the inside. Don't remember the globe light fixture. I bet that was very interesting. I'd love to see the inside of 1106 sometime again.

DD4 said...

Peder, I'll see what I can do about arranging a tour of 1106!

~ Mom