Thursday, May 25, 2006


I have been very fortunate the past few years to go on lots of trips. Already this year I have been to Japan and Seattle. This coming weekend I am going on a road trip to Lowell, Indiana, to visit my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Allan. I'm riding with my brother Jerry, sister Janet, Aunt Liz, cousin Pat, and our dear friend, Tiny. We always have so much fun when we are together! We get along unusually well. For instance, if someone sees something along the way that looks interesting, they might say, "Oh, look at that antique shop! Would it be okay if stop there for a few minutes?" And so we stop. Perhaps that is why it takes us 12+ hours to get to Chicago while most people can make it in 7 hours.

There is one part of traveling that I do not like - - that being the packing. Not the actual placing items in the bag, but rather, choosing what clothes to bring along. I always put this off until I simply have to make myself do it! Is it like this with everyone? After much debating with myself tonight, the task is done and tomorrow after work, I will be ready to hit the pavement. Have a wonderful three-day weekend!

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MamaD4 said...

Sorry, I can't identify with the last minute packing. I am usually fully packed about a week before we have to go anywhere. I just lay out the outfits on the bed for each day, then make sure everything is interchangable. That works for me! Now that I have three people to pack for, I really have to be organized. Hans usually waits until the last minute, though. Of course, how hard is it for MEN to pack? Toothbrush, razor, underwear and some shirts. Big whoop! They don't understand the myriad events that COULD pop up during a has to be prepared. Have a fun trip!