Saturday, January 31, 2015

Redecorating the Reception Room

Yesterday they moved all of the furniture out of our reception room and the flooring man began to put the new flooring down. Originally our "decorating team" in my office had chosen a gray/white laminate flooring and after it was installed there were multiple complaints: "It looks like a laundry room floor," "It looks like a garage floor," "Is there flooring? I thought it was bare cement!" So permission was given to spend more $$$ and have a hardwood walnut laminate put down over the gray. I have no idea if the furniture will have been put back when I walk in on Monday, but it should look totally different. It could be interesting!

Much of the furniture had been moved out already.

Current reception area (not attractive!)

Dave, Andy and Dave standing by to help move the shelving unit once Steve and Jim have it disconnected from the wall.

Most of the reception room furniture was moved to the dining room.

Ready for new flooring (packages of flooring under the staircase)

Reception desk at 11 am while I was still at the helm. Later in the day, the desk was moved to the dining room.

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