Tuesday, February 03, 2015

New Floor

What a very nice feeling to walk into our office yesterday morning to see the new flooring in our reception room. What do you think?


I really like this floor. It looks like walnut. The baseboards are beveled and are very attractive. The book shelves were damaged a little bit in the move so are being repaired before returning them to the far end of the room.

Our new refrigerator and dishwasher arrived today. The refrigerator is very nice! It's the same style and make as Heidi's. The dishwasher, also a wonderful brand, came without any buttons to turn it on. Apparently Samsung produced 3,000 of these and we got one of them. A representative is supposed to arrive tomorrow morning to install the missing parts. So, things are progressing in our office.

What's left? The reception desk and immediate space around it. My boss has been given the assignment to design it. Yesterday he quizzed me on what I think it needs. I'm curious to see what he designs.

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