Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Heading home

Annika and William
I've really enjoyed my stay in Japan with Hans, Rachel, Josiah, Annika and William—and their cat, Noko. We've been to many fun places; I got to see the Japanese school where Annika and William attend; went to three basketball games that each of my grandchildren played; toured Hans' ship and had lunch with him and Josiah at a nice restaurant on the base. Rachel took me shopping several times and made my stay here extra nice. I have taken the bus completely around the base, and managed to take a taxi home after the bus ride concluded far away from their home (my mistake). I have shopped, watched a movie, played "Trouble" and "Candy Land" with my grandkids; knitted, and walked Annika and William to and from their bus stop. It has been great!

Josiah with his triple decker peanut butter sandwich
Now for the long flight home (12 hours) and back to reality. I have heard I will be returning to subzero temperatures. Ugh! Thankfully I have had a break from that and my eyes have feasted on the sights and sounds of Japan.

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