Saturday, February 21, 2015

Back home

Delta Airlines couldn't have been nicer. Shortly after we learned our flight was being delayed, they brought a big array of snacks for us to munch on. I chose this box which contains 3 tiny chicken sandwiches (I ate one—didn't care for it), a protein bar and some orange juice.

After a very long day yesterday which included a 3 hour flight delay in Tokyo and a 12 hour flight, I made it home with 15 minutes to quickly brush my teeth, freshen my make-up, and change my shirt and sweater, to go out the door to drive to choir. Thankfully, my friend Bonnie stuck around to see if my car started before driving away. My battery was dead. I had an inkling it might be due to the very, very cold weather in Minnesota while I was away.

Regretfully, before I left for Japan, I had agreed to substitute for our church choir director on the night of my return. I got there on time, but I really had to work hard at staying alert during the rehearsal. Thankfully I made it through. Afterwards, friends brought me home where it took only a few minutes to get ready for bed. I slept like a rock!

Today I had my car jump started and then went to my car dealership and had a new battery installed. It should be good for a long time.

So my bags are unpacked, laundry is done, I bought a few groceries, and enjoyed a walleye dinner at Culver's. Now is a good time to add some travel pictures. This particular photo is from when our jet was either over Russia or Alaska. The mountains were awesome!

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Pat said...

It it has to feel good to be home. Any trouble with jet lag? You would think I had jet lag. Up at 3 am wide awake. Sounds like your visit was great. Enjoying the bog and the pictures.