Wednesday, January 07, 2015

January . . . the longest, coldest month of the year

Christmas and New Year's is over and now we have to try to get through the longest, coldest month of the year. It's a struggle.

I have lived many, many Januaries, and they haven't affected me as much as this one seems to be doing. Yes, it's only the 7th day, but it feels more like the 20th. It has to be the bitter cold that is doing it.

I look outside and see the bare trees moving in the wind. It's -6 degrees right now with a wind chill factor of  -28. School has been canceled in most of the Minneapolis area. Our office, now with new landlords—who are very nice, by the way—informed us their insurance will not allow any space heaters in the building. So we got rid of them. Consequently, I have been sitting at my desk for over the past three hours wearing my long, down-filled coat and a blanket over my lap. I have a thermometer at my feet and it reads 65 degrees. I just had an idea: I should get an electric blanket! I think I'll look into it.

I'm thinking ahead to next year. Perhaps I'll plan a different strategy for January. I'm going to give it some serious thought. I hope you're warm where you are.


Barbara said...

I've had electric blankets. I like a down comforter better!

pete said...

Maybe thick socks? The roads are closed around here and it is officially a blizzard. Stay warm.

Bev Lewis said...

Or...why not head for Florida or the Bahamas for all of January 2016, Donna?