Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ringing out the old . . .

This will be my last post of  2014. I've been reflecting on this past year and have to say the most meaningful event for me was the birth of Corinne, my 8th grandchild. I got to see her when she was just 10 days old. She was so tiny—very similar to the birth size of Heidi. Memories of my youngest filled my heart as I held this new little angel.

When my kids were born, I was so busy creating a home, trying to be a good role model for the young mothers at our church, and attending many church functions. Because of Steve's position in the church, that's what I thought I was supposed to do. Many times it left me frazzled, and not doing the best job at being a good mom.

As I visited Heidi shortly after Corinne was born, I relished holding this sweet little girl, knowing she will most likely be my last grandchild.

On another note, we had some sadness this past year when my Uncle Allan passed away. He was my last uncle, and I loved him very much. Our family gathered in June at the cemetery in Lake Crystal for his burial. It was good to be with my Aunt Ginny and my cousins for this sacred time.

During the summer my sister was in a car accident that gave her broken bones and laid her up for several weeks. Thankfully, she has healed pretty well and has gotten a new car. During her recovery, my brother bought a new, single-level home for them and arranged for the move. They are settled now and really like their new place.

Then in September our family gathered again for the wedding of our cousin Lorna to Nick. It was a joy to be with our aunt and cousins.

My job continues to be fulfilling. Just this last fall, a new company bought our building and that brought on much remodeling. The construction is nearly completed now and I am in a new office! I think I'll stay awhile longer.

I'm looking forward to what 2015 has in store. Happy New Year!

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