Monday, December 22, 2014


After having a beautiful dinner at my friend Laurey's , I drove home in pouring rain. A mile from my house, the sky light up brightly. I thought it was lightning, but it must have been a transformer exploding as my entire neighborhood was pitch black! I couldn't put my car in the garage—first time I have left it out. Getting to the entryway, I fumbled to find the lock on our outside door. Once inside the lobby, I had to feel my way to my doorway - making sure I didn't bang my head on the stairway. My next concern, after groping for the keyhole to my place, was to keep Nels from tearing out into the dark hallway. How would I ever find him? THANKFULLY, he stayed in—I felt him once I had my door closed. Next step: feel my way to my bedroom where I knew I had a flashlight. Once I located it and turned it on, I felt a bit better.
After getting my coat off, I got a candle and some matches and had a little votive burning in my bathroom. Talk about weird! I quickly got ready for bed and read my devotions with the aid of the flashlight. I prayed that God would keep Nels from knocking the votive onto the floor during the night.

At 10:14 pm, my bedside lamp turned on and woke me. The power had returned! I heard the furnace kick in and I got up to blow out the candle. I'm grateful the power was off only an hour and a half. I'm thankful I could get up this morning to a warm house, electricity to see to get ready, and to cook my oatmeal.

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