Thursday, August 08, 2013


Jennifer Lawrence fall during Oscars ceemony 2013
Yesterday was so much fun for me until around 5:30 pm when I was eating my supper in the porch. [Back up to Tuesday night when I brought all my flower pots into the screened porch to protect them from any hail damage. I didn’t get a chance to put them back outside until yesterday during my lunch period. It never occurred to me that I may be bringing bugs into the porch along with the plants.] While eating, I spotted what looked like a hornet bouncing around on the inside screen. My first thought was to put my dinner tray onto one of the folding chairs and go inside for the fly swatter. On my way in, I pulled the sliding screen door shut so the hornet – or whatever it was – couldn’t get into the house. I retrieved the fly swatter and hurried back to the porch, forgetting I had pulled the screen door over, and walked right into it at full force – knocking it totally to the cement floor with me sprawled onto it on all fours. "OUCH!," I yelled. The door knocked over the folding chair, wedging my dinner tray (of course, I was eating on my $58 Polish pottery dinner plate) in between the seat and back. This turned out to be a blessing, for the plate did NOT break, and Nels couldn’t get at the food – though he surely tried! Both knees and palms of my hands stung like crazy. I returned to the kitchen to grab two ice packs from the freezer, returned to the porch and up-righted the chair, got the tray onto a table – all the while keeping Nels at bay, and sat down with ice packs on both knees. A couple of minutes later I raised my sweatpants over my knees and saw that my left knee was skinned open – a patch about 2 inches square. I returned to the kitchen with my dinner plate, put it in the microwave for safety from Nels, and went to the bathroom to treat the wound. Of course, I have no large Band-Aids – had to use three one inch strips – got the wound covered, and went back to the porch to ice my hands and knees.

I slept fine last night until 1:30 when I got up to go to the bathroom. When I returned to bed, I discovered Nels had put his toy snake (plastic handle) on my pillow. Is it a gift for me, or his security? Not sure. But when I moved it, I heard it hit behind the head of my bed. Knowing he would keep me awake getting back there to retrieve it, I reached down for it – not turning on any lights so as to not get further awake – found it and climbed back into bed and fell sound asleep. I didn’t discover I had accidentally turned off the power strip to the alarm clock and telephone until I woke up 55 minutes after my alarm was supposed to go off. Consequently I feel really disorganized today.

My knees hurt, as does my left wrist and palm. I feel like a total ditz, but am very thankful nothing was broken – bones or dinner plate!


Pat said...

Oh gosh, Donna!! So very glad it was not more serious. I have been known to walk into the screen like that also. Takes one by surprise--doesn't it? And then to not have the alarm go off. That can get you off kilter. Take care.

Ardy said...

Hans totally wiped out while running the other day and skinned his knee up too...

And my knee is finally healing over from my fall in the Badlands in July.

It happens to the best of us, is what I'm trying to say!