Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Cameras

I like to call my eyes my cameras. They see things near and far. They see color, read words, watch sunrises, children, birds, and traffic. It's no accident that God put them on the front of our faces—up high where we can see where we're going and indented under our eye brows, where they are protected.

What brought all of this up? Two years ago this summer, I had cataract surgery on both eyes – the surgeries were two weeks apart. That surgery is amazing! They made me sleepy, cut a tiny slit on the side of my eye, inserted a little machine that pulverizes the lens behind the eye, vacuumed it out, and inserted a new, artificial lens. It's actually folded over when inserted and unfolds once in place. This lens is the exact prescription required for your eyes. Isn't this incredible? And the procedure takes under five minutes! Following the first surgery, I couldn't believe how clear everything was. And the colors that were vibrant—colors that had been tinted yellow over time. I never knew things were tinted (clouded) until after the surgery. With both of the eyes done, I continue to have amazing eye sight. They corrected me with mono vision: reading lens in my right eye; distance lens in my left. They were able to correct the right eye to 20/15 and the left eye to 20/25. I can read the tiniest font.

Today I had my first eye exam since the surgery. It was a check up to see if my eyes were continuing to be healthy—checking things like glaucoma and macular degeneration. I was pleased to learn that I have no signs of any of these diseases and that my eyes are very healthy. I asked if my vision would change over time and they told me no. It will remain the same since I have artificial lenses.

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