Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 237th Birthday, America!!

Happy 237th Birthday, America!! I'm so happy to say I'm an American. I love our land – from the plains of Minnesota to the mountains of the west and to the colonial cities of the east. With two of my kids living on either coast, I've been privileged to see these places quite often.

A couple of years I heard some of the music from the Broadway show 1776. The tunes were catchy and inspiring—so much so that I decided to buy the CD recording of it. I have watched it many times, and decided it would be appropriate to view it again last night. Realizing some of the play may be an embellishment of the way things really happened in that congressional gathering 237 years ago, there's enough truth in it to make me appreciate the debating and compromising that occurred before the Declaration of Independence could be signed.

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