Sunday, June 30, 2013

Getting to see Hans' family

Friday afternoon I drove to St. James to see Rachel, Josiah, Annika and William, who are here to go out west with Rachel's family. As a child, her summer vacations were spent in South Dakota and Wyoming with her family. This is the first time she has had the opportunity to join them in a long while.

We went to a local park where the kids could run around a bit. This is William, age 3-1/2. It was really fun watching him climb. He seems to have no fear.

Annika is now 7 years old. She is really sweet.

Josiah, now 9, is really maturing. I enjoyed talking to him very much. 

After playing at the park, Rachel treated us to a Dairy Queen treat. William really enjoyed his Dilly Bar. Annika watching to see if William will discover the chocolate that is decorating his chin.

Eating a blizzard. Yum!

For dinner we drove with Rachel's parents and brother with his kids to a nice park by a lake which was out in the country. We ate our little picnic under a pavilion. While eating, we discovered a robin's nest in the rafters of the pavilion. 3 baby robins were visible - their heads sticking out of the nest. Daddy robin was nearby, keeping an eye on us.

 These kids are like little monkeys! They are really good at climbing. This is Joe and Will.


The only photo I took with Rachel in it did not turn out very well, so I chose to not post it. This is the birthday cake we had as an early celebration of her August birthday. Since she will most likely be in Japan on that date, why not celebrate now? The cake was a big hit with the kids! 

It was really nice to see this part of my family again. I hadn't seen them since the first week of January, and soon they will be going over seas. 


Pat said...

The kids are getting so big. I think Annika looks like Rachel and the boys look like Hans. I knew you would have a good time. There is nothing like being with the grands.

MamaD4 said...

Thank you again for coming down to St. James and for bringing the cake. I have a feeling it's going to be a little lonely on my actual birthday, so it was such a nice gesture!