Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer vacation on Tuesday

With our family gathering growing in number, we were really fortunate to be spreading out at our cousin Dave and Cheryl's home, also in Lowell. They have a large, beautiful house that sits on 3 acres, and a swimming pool! This worked out very well for visiting and eating meals.

L to R: sisters Jill (Colorado) and Emily (Pennsylvania) with my Aunt Ginny.

My cousin Diane holding her grand-daughter, Sophie. Diane and her husband Dave now live in New Jersey. 

Jake, holding his daughter, Hazel. Emily, Jake's sister-in-law, is playing with a puppy puppet with Hazel.

My brother Jerry holding our first cousin, twice removed, Hazel. She was not afraid of any of us.

Hazel in the pool with her mommy, cousin Jill

Seated is my Aunt Ginny, holding Sophia. L to R (standing) Emily, Diane, and Jill, holding Hazel.

Aunt Ginny with the cousins: Pat, yours truly, Jerry, Janet, Linda and Diane.

In all of my photos, I got none of Diane's husband, Dave. I don't know how that happened. Sorry, Dave. We had a great time being together. I'm glad it worked out so well. My Aunt Ginny is my mom's youngest sister. She and Uncle Allan are my only aunt and uncle remaining. They have four kids: Dave, Linda, Diane and John. Aunt Liz was my mom's younger sister. She and Uncle Vic are both deceased, as is their son, Wayne. Pat is their only heir. So she and Aunt Ginny's four kids are my only cousins. Our family is small, but it is close and very precious. I treasure this time we had together.

Early Wednesday morning we took off for Minnesota. It was a long, long ride, and I ate way too much of the Chicago mix popcorn we had along. It felt good to be home again. Nels really missed me.

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Pat said...

And I agree what a great trip it was. Really enjoyed being with all my cousins and aunt and uncle. Well worth the trip!