Friday, July 05, 2013

Baseball Game With Hans

I love my kids, but you already knew that. I love each of them in a unique way. I love their spouses and their kids—my precious grand kids, too. While it's great when we all get together—and that is a rarity for my family, with one living on the west coast, and another who moves from here to there about every 18 months, or so—it's lovely when I get to spend time with one of the three all by myself. Yesterday was my day to be with Hans. This hasn't happened since 2009 on a day when he drove me to Dachau while he was stationed in Germany. [The last time I had Heidi all to myself was in 2010 when she took me to the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. I can't recall the last day I had Peder to myself, but am happy to announce he and I have a date in a couple of weeks from today to attend a local tabernacle for their Shabbat service.]

What did Hans and I do after his plane arrived? First off, a little shopping at the Mall of America where we each bought a piece of Minnesota Twins apparel at one of the many sports stores to wear to the game. Next we boarded one of the light rail trains and headed to downtown Minneapolis and into Target Field. This was the first time for Hans to see the new ballpark and he said he thought it was really nice.

Following the game (Twins 5; Yankees 9), we took the train back to our station and then drove to Peder and Sarah's where we had a pizza supper. It was fun to hear Aurelia say, "Uncle Hans . . ." and to watch her, Felix and Leo interacting. Hans couldn't get over the fact that Felix looks identical to Peder when Peder was Felix's age. Peder even wore an identical Palmer Station shirt at the same age.

It was difficult capturing Felix for a photo, but here you go.


(Not sure how he scratched his cheek. The goose egg on his forehead is from an earlier tumble .)

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Pat said...

This post is all about fun and enjoyment. How great to get to spend time with Hans. Loved the pictures of the kids and little Leo with his banged up face. I am going to want to hear more details about everything when we get together.