Saturday, November 17, 2012

What a party!

Have you been to an event at which you were "blown away," — astounded by the whole affair? I have just come home from one such experience.

Some of my dear friends and I were invited to a surprise birthday party for a mutual, dear, dear friend. It was at the home of the son and daughter-in-law of the man she is dating, and she thought she was coming to an early family Thanksgiving dinner.

All of the "surprise" guests arrived a half hour early. Walking into the home, we saw the dining room table set for 7. Then we were ushered into the family room where many tables were beautifully set for dinner. We chatted among one another until 5 minutes before our friend was to arrive with her mother and date. "Silence, everyone!" Then the honored guests entered the house and after hanging up their wraps, were asked to come into the kitchen for a drink. That's when Bonnie's mother spotted us. So did Bonnie. Her mouth dropped open, and we began singing "Happy Birthday!" She couldn't get over how many people had come (33 in all).

What an overwhelming dinner we had – tasty and beautifully presented. Let my pictures show the rest.


Bonnie and her mother. Her mother turned 93 this week! She's an amazing woman.

This cabbage salad, stuffed into a crescent roll, was delicious! It resembled a cornucopia.

The main course was equally delicious: chicken breasts on beds of cilantro rice, topped with a mango sauce and accompanied by Broccoli Trumbale - in a little silver cupcake container. 

When these dessert plates were presented to the tables, many thought we were to make a choice  from it. Not so, the entire plate was prepared for each of us! Talk about grand! 

I really liked all of the desserts, but my favorite had to be the Chocolate Molten Cake!

Hosts: Stephen and Rebecca. Rebecca made the entire dinner from scratch, plus she works full time! She told us she absolutely loves doing this, and never does two dinner parties alike.

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Pat said...

WOW!! That was some party. It had to have been so much fun. I am impressed with the menu and presentation. That woman must be something else. Enjoyed reading this.