Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sarah and Peder!

✿ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃ღ SarahPeder ღ(̆̃̃ڿڰۣ✿

Happy Birthday!

Once a year, Sarah and Peder are the same age - that's today! Happy Birthday Sarah! And then tomorrow, Peder moves ahead another year. Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Peder!

The year Peder was born, the 21st was also on Wednesday – the day before Thanksgiving. As with all of my kids, I remember the birthday very well. We lived in Joliet at the time, and Steve and I had attended an area-wide Thanksgiving get-together for the area ministers. We had had a nice dinner and a time of socializing, and then went home. Once home, I didn't feel so well. Our baby wasn't due for a couple of weeks, so it didn't occur to me that I could be in labor. But it didn't take long before that changed. While noting the progression of pains, I heard my sister's car come into our driveway. She and her kids had come down from Minnesota for Thanksgiving, and arrived just in time to stay with Hans while Steve and I went to the hospital.

Peder was born early the following morning, weighing 6 pounds, 6 ounces. He was 18" long, and cute as a button. He's been a delight ever since.

Peder's birthday gift from Heidi - a snuggy!

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MamaD4 said...

Happy Birthday you two!