Monday, July 16, 2012


This is Journey
Is the name you choose for your pet important? As you know, Heidi has a Golden Retriever named Brian. While at the dog park one day, she called "Brian, come!" A man near her yelled, "Heidi, get over here!" Know what? You guessed it: The man's name was Brian, and of course, my daughter is named Heidi. Funny.

One of my co-workers, Charlene, has a two year old cat named Journey and a new 13 or so week old kitten. A couple of weeks ago she was on vacation and had a friend come to her home to feed the cats. Somehow the door didn't latch properly on the Friday night and Journey got out.

Charlene got home Sunday night and started looking for her lost cat. She hung posters with Journey's photo and talked to many of her neighbors. No one had seen her. There's a large quarry that butts up to the property - with a high berm separating them. Charlene crossed the berm and spotted Journey. When she called her, the cat ran into some tall grass and escaped. Since then Charlene and her dad and sister have looked and looked for her. They got reports that Journey had been spotted one evening by a lawn sprinkler, and also seen crossing the street at 3 am one day. Charlene had put a live-bait trap in her back yard with a can of tuna in it hoping to lure her beloved pet. No luck.

This morning someone reported having seen the cat in a storm sewer near Charlene's home. Charlene contacted the city and asked for help. This afternoon two city workers came out and flushed Journey out of a passage into a net. As of 2:30, Charlene and Journey are reunited. When I talked to her shortly after learning this good news, I said she should change her cat's name to Stay Put. If you're not a pet owner, you probably won't appreciate this blog post. But if you are, you know how much your pet means to you. I'm so happy this turned out for Charlene and Journey.

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