Saturday, July 21, 2012

2nd Annual Neighborhood Picnic

Today I hosted the 2nd annual neighborhood picnic in my back yard. Again, I invited everyone in my building and everyone in the building across from my back yard. In addition to that, I invited 4 of the folks in the building that looks out at our back yard. This adds up to 24 condos that were invited. I was pleased that 16 folks showed up this time, and we had a lot of fun. The only negative thing that I'm aware of was the heat. When will this ridiculous heat streak end!! I am more than tired of it. With the humidity, I was just dripping and stopped to put on all fresh clothes minutes before the event was to begin.

This morning I shopped at our Farmer's Market for this beautiful bouquet of flowers (a bargain at $5!) and went to the dollar store for the helium balloons. I had to keep them out in the common hallway until it was time to set things up outdoors so Nels would leave them alone. He would have loved coming outside to meet everyone. Maybe he can sit out in the screen porch next summer so he'll feel more of a part of the picnic. As of now, the porch is not finished.

We had a nice variety of food. Everyone is so good about bringing things.

This event has become a good opportunity to get to know my/our neighbors. 

I tried to get photos of everyone who came, but like last year, a few came late and I didn't get pictures of them. This time two men attended.


MamaD4 said...

Good for you for hosting this event twice now! In this busy world, we sometimes forget how important neighbors are. We have met ours on either side and had one lady across the street bring us a fruit salad the week we moved in. Nice folks, not surprisingly.

Pat said...

How fun. Everything looks so festive and pretty. Good for you for taking the initiative to do this.