Saturday, July 07, 2012

Farmers' Market

Since walking out the door at the Minneapolis Lindbergh terminal on Tuesday, I have been enduring temperatures in the 100s - yes, 101 and 103 for three days in a row. Let's just say — it's been beastly! Last night, however, in about a two hour span, the temperature dropped to 77 degrees. And this gets better — I woke up to 65 degrees this morning! The first thing I did was open windows. Oh, it is wonderful!

After breakfast and tidying up a bit, I felt inspired to go to our local Farmers' Market - first time this summer for me.
I wasn't the only one to have this idea. Many, many folks were there — some were sitting in the shade at the promenade, enjoying fresh treats.

These home canned jars of fruit, jam and pickles looked so good.

Check out these home-baked goods. I behaved myself and walked right on by.

Get this ~ live entertainment! While I don't know their name, I must say their music was very good.

Very interesting garden ornaments. I liked many of them, but didn't buy any. I was on a mission to purchase fresh vegetables.

I bought green beans, kohlrabi , and a beautiful head of cabbage. Yum! These are going to be delicious!

While I would have loved to have gotten one of these bouquets, I know better. Nels would most likely think I had brought them for him to eat, so I resisted. I thought this lady on the right was so cute!

BUGGIE sporting shades! They make a huge difference.

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