Saturday, July 28, 2012

I succumbed!

Okay, you know how it is when you see something (or smell something) and can't get it out of your mind. Your thoughts go over it and over it: should I or shouldn't I? What would it look like in my setting? Will it hold up over time? Is there something I like better? And the hardest question to answer of all: Do I really need this? Well, that's often the last question.

I mulled it over and over, went back the following week but was disappointed to not be able to find it. So, I asked those in charge, "You know that booth that was here last week that had the beautiful garden ornaments? Are they scheduled to return?" "Yes, they'll be here again on Saturday, July 28." That allowed me more time to mull it over. I wrote the date on my calendar and returned this morning to buy this:

See that red polka dot teapot at the front of the second row from the right? That's the one I bought. It was a tough decision!

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