Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Desi's Back!

Seated at the left is Joanne. On Sunday, she'll be at the grand piano. Desi, on the right, will be at our organ. Tonight's rehearsal was like old times.

Desi at the organ during one of our past Christmas concerts.

Nearly two  years ago, Desi, our church organist, retired. It made me so sad. It's not that I didn't want him to enjoy his life, but it was the selfish part of me that didn't want to go to church and not be able to listen to his incredible playing. Don't get me wrong - listening to the music is not why I go to church, but music is a big part of my worship. To have excellent accompaniment for our choir and congregational singing is important. It makes it seamless. Our church is blessed to have a Visser-Rowland Pipe Organ which is quite impressive. In my opinion, no one plays it like Desi.

Well, to my surprise, when I arrived for choir rehearsal tonight, Desi was there and he's playing for our services this next Sunday. What joy that will be! I couldn't keep from smiling.

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