Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mystery Is Solved

For many nights, Nels has been driving me nuts by climbing up onto my book shelves and walking behind my TV. With his history of chewing on electrical chords, I do not want him anywhere near my TV or DVD player. As soon as he jumps up, I call him, "Here, kitty kitty. Here kitty kitty." Out he comes and follows me down the hallway. Then I close the screen door so he can't get back into the cottage.

This evening I decided to take some time to look for his many toys that are missing - looking with a flashlight under furniture. I found a couple of hollow plastic balls with bells inside them and a jelly worm. What I couldn't find was his snake. As you can see by the photo, it's a rather large snake. Where could he have hidden it?

Tonight he was begging me to come back into the cottage. I decided to give him another chance - - and straight away he hopped up onto the bookshelves and behind the TV. I called him and out he came. Again I locked him out of the room. Then I decided to check on the chords behind the TV. I reached back there and felt something soft, so I pulled it out. Yay! I found his snake! No wonder he was set on going back there!

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MamaD4 said...

Kids--they're so darn persistent!