Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cassie's Baby Shower

Cassie and Tyler, surrounded by friends

Felix (can you see his little teeth?)

Aurelia was charming!

One of the gifts was a Minnesota Wild onesie.

Lynn enjoyed holding Felix while Doug looks on.

I'm about to become a great-great aunt! Oh, my! Does that make me feel old! My great niece Cassie is about to give birth to Levi. Actually, he's due to arrive around the 18th of March. Today Peder, Sarah, Aurelia, Felix and I went to Rochester to attend the baby shower for her and the baby.

We played some fun games and then Cassie opened the gifts. She sure got some nice things, and such a variety. Then we had a delicious lunch. I'm not sure if Aurelia has previously attended a baby shower or not, but she was definitely having a good time, and was actually very helpful - handing Cassie the gifts one at a time. Felix spent much of the time smiling at everyone.

Cassie looks really cute, and I think she'll do a good job at mothering. Plus, she'll have Grandma Lynn and G-G Janet to help her.


I Love Barbershop said...

Thank you for posting the great photo's. Also thank you for keeping track of the gifts, and for coming.

I can't believe I actually had 19 people in my living room/kitchen.

Lynn said...

Yes, thank you Aunt Donna! It was so nice having you, Peder, Sarah, Aurelia, and Felix there. Your Grandchildren are so adorable.