Monday, February 21, 2011

Exhausting Morning

This is the path I cleared.

Finally, I have a clear passageway for BUGGIE.

Co-workers and I clearing the opening to our office parking lot.

It didn't surprise me to open my outside front door this morning to see "over-the-knee" deep snow. Because our association blew its budget on snow removal last winter, the new policy is something like: snow removal will commence up to 12 hours after the cessation of a major snow fall. I guess 13+ inches of snow qualifies for a major snow fall.

Someone - I don't know who - put a nice, new shovel in the utility closet out in our hallway. So after getting everything ready for the day, I donned my coat, boots, mittens, and grabbed the shovel and started the arduous task of blazing a path so I could get to my garage. I started at 7:30 and made my way to the sidewalk in front of the Visitor Parking. I didn't shovel the next 20 feet to the street because it was so deep. Then I returned to my house, gathered my lunch and purse, and set out. I had to trudge through the deep snow (up to my knees) to the street and around the big mound to my garage - only to discover this time the plows only came within 6 feet of the garage doors. So, I waded through this snow, grabbed my shovel, and proceeded to clear away this mass of white stuff so I could back out. A kind neighbor woman came over and helped me. She had just finished doing the same thing in front of her garage door. Now it's 8:00.

Driving carefully the mile to work went fine. The last half mile or so, I followed a city plow. Unfortunately, being behind him at the entrance to our office parking lot meant he plowed it shut! I drove around the cul-de-sac to see if I could possibly drive through it and decided it wasn't wise. I certainly didn't want to get hung up. Only one person - Sharon -had made it in before he came. I knew she wouldn't be able to push me out if I got stuck. So, I parked my car and walked to our entry way where there is a shovel - of sorts. It is broken off and jagged at the blade. I worked and worked, taking little scoops at a time and walking it away to throw it so I could clear a path wide enough for a car. Raela and Chris drove up next, parked their cars, and took turns using the excuse of a shovel. Finally we opened it enough to drive through. I have to say - I'm pooped!


MamaD4 said...

I'm imagining you gunning BUGGIE's engine to try to burst through the snow at's probably good that you didn't try it!

Maybe we should all chip in and buy you a snowblower for Christmas?

Pat said...

All of that work before work--Holy Cow!!! Sounds like it was kinda fun (easy for me to say, right.) There is relief in sight when you come here March 9th to the sunshine and green grass. I do hope it gets a little warmer while you are here. It is only in the mid 60's which is OK if you are sitting in the sun. All of that snow back home is incredible.