Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Snow. Ugh!

These are not my trees or my photo, but I think they are cheery - and cheery is what we need right now.
They've been warning us since Friday - we're in for more snow today and tomorrow - lots more snow. They have predicted anywhere from 12 to 18 inches by the time it is done. I looked out the window around 2 am and it hadn't started. I checked when I got up at 6: none yet. Before our choir processed into the sanctuary, I peeked out a window: Nada. But leaving the church about an hour and a half ago, I saw the first flakes. The closer I got to my house, there was more on the streets. It's been coming down pretty heavily since I got home. We have about 2 inches right now and it continues. Oh, boy, here we go again.


Pat said...

This winter has been brutal up there in MN. Think of all of you. Gloomy and rainy here yesterday and part of today. That is unusual for the desert. It does freshen things up so I don't mind it once in awhile. Stay safe and keep cozy. Love you.

E Manders said...

I heard last night on the news that today's snow will put us on the record books for the 2nd snowiest winter in recorded history in MN and if we get snow after today and tomorrow we will be THE snowiest EVER! Crazy huh?!

DD4 said...

At 9 pm we have received 13 inches, and it's still snowing!