Monday, December 20, 2010

My family - together at last!

Annika's and Will's baptism


Josiah - now 6 years old!

The kids were amazed at Santa's footprints.

Aunt Liz and her English plum pudding

Heidi and Marsall (Will has his back to us)

My brother Jerry

Annika (Hans' daughter) and Aurelia (Peder's daughter)

Heidi and Hans being good sports (wearing Pat's head gear)

Peder, Felix, and Sarah

Annika, Josiah holding Will (Hans' children)
L to R : Rachel, Will, Josiah, Annika, and Aurelia

Aurelia, with Felix, Aunt Liz, Rachel, and Will in the background

My sister Janet holding Felix
Me with my three kids and Felix and Marshall

Even the heavy, new snow couldn't keep us from getting together last night! I rented a building on the property where I work called "The Barn." It's a nice facility, where kids are free to run, adults can sit on comfortable furniture to visit, and the setting is similar to a lodge. There was a big Christmas tree, gas fireplace, kitchen, and lots of tables for eating - or coloring.

Pat and Janet were big helpers - bringing part of our meal, and adding to the decorations. (Pat, I can't understand why you didn't make it into any of my photos.)

Due to the heavy snow, people had a slow commute getting to the barn. What would normally take Aunt Liz and Pat 45 minutes, took them two hours. Hans and Rachel's hotel was about 5 miles away. It took them about a half hour. It took Janet and Jerry three hours. I was happy no one had to turn back.

While it was a busy evening, I did manage to see my grandchildren interact a little bit of the time. If I were to do it over, I would have planned a simpler meal - even hired some fairies to put it together and serve it - so I could have stayed out of the kitchen. But it worked out okay.

Gift opening was a little chaotic, but Josiah did a great job handing out the gifts.

On another note, on Sunday I got to witness the baptisms of Annika and Will, at the church where Rachel was baptized when she was a baby. I'm posting pictures from the baptism and our Christmas party.

Happily, there are more times planned for us to be together this week.


Marv said...

Merry Christmas, Donna! I am so happy for you to be able to spend Christmas with your entire family - and a great looking family it is too!

Sarita said...

Donna the party was wonderful. Thank you for putting it all together

MamaD4 said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures Donna. As I said, we had a wonderful time!

MamaD4 said...

I had to look at these again today. We're just all so darn cute!