Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Family Time

Photo op with Josiah, Marshall, Annika, Will and Felix
Aren't they adorable??!!!!!

These angels are so precious to me.

Sarah with Felix

Marshall loved playing my piano.

Marshall and Heidi at Redstone

Snack time for Annika and me

The adoption is nearly completed.

William enjoying mac and cheese

Introducing my new cat
This has been one of my best vacations! I've seen some or all of my kids every day since Saturday!! I love it! Tuesday we all met at Fuddrucker's for lunch. I finally got some pictures of me with my grand kids - all except Aurelia, who didn't want to be in them. Sarah told me she'll send me one with Aurelia "photo-shopped" into it. When she does, I'll be sure to post it.

Heidi and Marshall stayed at my home from Monday night after our party until Wednesday afternoon. Tuesday we enjoyed relaxing and had dinner at the Olive Garden, followed by driving around a bit to see Christmas lights. Wednesday, Heidi, Marshall and I went to Redstone for lunch. This has become a tradition for us every time Heidi comes home. We usually order something light and complete our meal with their to-die-for banana cream pie, which we share!

After taking Heidi and Marshall to Chad's parents' home, I picked up Annika at the hotel and she came to my house to spend last night and today with me. We had a great time together. I love her infectious laugh and spontaneous singing. Shoppers at Cub seemed to enjoy us singing "Silent Night" as we walked through the aisles. Today I took her to the local humane society to help me choose a new cat for my pet. Annika loves animals, and I knew she would enjoy this. She was a lot of help, too. She played with three possible candidates, but it was the third one that kept brushing up against her and me. He had this lovable characteristic.

The cat we brought home is part lynx point siamese. He is a creamy color and has beautiful brown markings on his ears and tail - and on the back of his hind legs - plus gorgeous blue eyes. Initially Annika and I called him Jack. But now I'm rethinking this. I'm giving it some thought for a day or two to see what seems like an appropriate name for him. Rachel and the boys came over for supper (My apologies, Rachel, for my messy house and chaotic dinner. Thank you for over-looking it.). The kids were excited to see my new cat. I wish I could have trusted the kitty so he could have been out of the laundry room to play with them. They only got a few glimpses of him.

Tonight my new cat jumped on my lap, curled up and cuddled and cuddled. He purred slightly. He's been sleeping on my cottage loveseat. He's so beautiful!


Pat said...

Your grandchildren are adorable. Of course, I do not ned to tell you thatn cause you know., What a fun and memorable week for you. And a cat to top it all off. What could be better!!

MamaD4 said...

Stop apologizing--your house looked beautiful! Supper was good for a number of reasons:
1) Not fast food after a week of eating at restaurants
3) Shared with loved ones

Thank you for taking Annika and sharing that adventure with her, she is still talking about it and I'm sure will be asking about the cat whenever you talk to her. She'll remember this Christmas forever!