Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haven't Seen This for Awhile

Drift outside my cottage window.

Check out the height of the snow on my neighbor's portico.

I've never seen the snow this high!

This was the best I could do!

The blizzard is over and now we are trying to get out. The plows have been here to clear the Visitor Parking and driveways, but no one has cleared any of our sidewalks. Friday night I brought my shovel into my home in the event this happened. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use it, but I really want to get out to sing in our concert this afternoon (last night's performance was cancelled).

About a half hour ago I bundled up and struck out with my shovel and camera. I couldn't get down to the sidewalk, and I didn't complete the job, but I made a dent in it.


Heidi said...

WOW! You should ask for a discount on your dues this month since you had to shovel! It will be a white Christmas for sure!

DD4 said...

They still hadn't cleared the sidewalk when I got home from my concert and supper with friends at 7 tonight. Yes, there is no doubt it will be a white Christmas!