Monday, March 22, 2010

Signs of Spring

Three weeks ago my friend, Carin, who is from Sweden, gave me a small bundle of birch branches she had picked in the woods. She had done this about six or seven years ago knowing I have some Swedish ancestry, and and at that time, she also gave me an envelope with brightly dye-colored feathers. She told me it was a Swedish custom to put the birch branches in water and attach the feathers and that in a few weeks, in time for Easter, the branches would sprout leaves. This year I couldn't locate my feathers, so in place of them, I tied plastic eggs.

Last Wednesday I got a little impatient because I was only seeing the buds which were on the branches when she gave them to me. I called her and she said, "Well, it isn't Easter yet. Just be patient." Friday I noticed the first change - the little brown buds were nearly all turned green. And this is what I am seeing today. Isn't it fun! There are many more buds to open, and I think the leaves will continue to grow.


MamaD4 said...

For some reason, this reminds me of our trip out to Mt. Fuji and how you had Hans pull over so that you could cut pussywillows. Or maybe the car broke down at that point and you picked them...I don't exactly remember!

DD4 said...

I remember the car having problems, but I don't remember cutting pussy willows. But if you say I did, I don't doubt you, since I also love pussy willows!