Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Did I Wake Up In San Diego?

It's March and I didn't wear a coat today! And I definitely won't be wearing one tomorrow. Why? It's in the 70's today and tomorrow it is supposed to reach 80. This will be the first March in record-keeping history in which we got absolutely NO snow in Minnesota. In fact, it was 125 years ago that there was no snow during the month of March here.

When I was in high school - about a hundred years ago - we could always count on big snows in March. They became known as the high school basketball tournament blizzards. But this year is different. An outdoor baseball game was played just last Saturday at the brand new Minnesota Twin's stadium! Imagine that on March 27th. I thought it was chancy at best. But it was played with no delays.

Nice to know we won't be wearing mittens and boots for Easter this year!

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MamaD4 said...

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

I remember basketball blizzards, except for us in St. James, it interfered with state wrestling, which was a VERY big deal to some people!

I always recall San Diego with fondness on days like today, when it's chilly and wet in Stuttgart!