Sunday, March 21, 2010


Saturday my kitchen was a bakery. I had invited Rosy, the young girl I tutor each week, to come to my house to decorate cookies. Before I went to bring her to my home, I baked 4 dozen cookies and picked up 4 additional dozen from a bakery. To tell the truth, I think I went a little over-board, but I wanted to be sure we had plenty.

I've had Rosy over once before to decorate cookies - Christmas cookies. She really had fun with it and then taught her mom and grandmother to make and decorate cookies. I love it that Rosy likes to share what she is learning with her family.

Once at my house, I turned on some music - Itzhak Perlman - and we started mixing up some frosting. Rosy helped me with opening bottles of color, flavoring, and stirred and stirrred the mixture. Then I showed her one example of decorating a bunny, and let her chose whatever she wanted. She did a great job. We worked well together as a team - and got all of those cookies decorated. We made two beautiful trays of cookies for her to take home.


MamaD4 said...

My mouth is watering! Will we get a few in Germany? Just a few because we ate both boxes you sent at Christmas in about 4-1/2 minutes! ;)

DD4 said...

They're on their way! I hope they travel well. Enjoy!

C. Randy said...

Don't forget your coworkers!!! ;-)