Friday, March 06, 2009


I like my job very much. And I enjoy tutoring Rosy at One-by-One on Mondays and rehearsing with my church choir on Wednesdays, but I'm sure looking forward to sleeping late tomorrow morning. Oh, I'll probably wake up at 7:30 or 7:45. But knowing that I have no commitments or appointments, I'll be able to be a bit lazy.

I love days wherein I have no obligations. I'll probably clean Peppi's cage, and I may sew for a little while. But I'll have the luxury of watching a couple of cooking shows, looking through some magazines, or perhaps doing a little cooking or playing the piano. The weather doesn't sound promising, so I'm not counting on going for a walk. We'll see. It will just be nice to take it a little easy.

Oh, I almost forgot - - I have to move my clocks ahead an hour before I go to bed tomorrow night. That's right. Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday at 2 am.

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Pat said...

Enjoy your "lazy" weekend. You have to be working in order to really enjoy the weekends and downtime. Trouble is they go too fast. I remember it well.