Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Morning with Rosy

First time using a sifter. She did a great job!
Dustings of sugar on Rosy's cute face and arms.
Rosy treated the cookies with care. She didn't break any of them!
Proud of cookies.
Hormel Wranglers. Yum!
Reading while the cookies baked.

I brought Rosy to my home yesterday to spend some time together and to bake cookies. I had shown my home to her more than a year ago - just a quick walk through. This time she would get to see Peppi and we could visit and have some fun.

First we mixed icing for the cut-out cookies (bunnies and chicks). Then I showed her how to decorate them. While the cookies dried, we baked chocolate chip cookies (every one's favorite, right?). She told me she had never helped with this before and thought it was fun. I let her do as much as possible - sift the powdered sugar, stir in the butter, food coloring and flavoring, shake the sprinkles, and form the balls of dough. Math even played a part as she was adding dozen to dozen, totaling 72 cookies. She got some sugar on her face (which I thought was cute). Then she asked if she could come next December to do more decorating of cut-outs. Of course! I'd love to have her come again.

After lunch, we prepared a little carton of cookies for my upstairs neighbor. I had told Rosy that my neighbor's wife had died last September. She told me she would tell him she was sorry. My neighbor was pleased to meet Rosy and to get the cookies.

We packed the rest of the cookies in a large container for Rosy to take to her family. I'm pretty sure they'll be a big hit.


MamaD4 said...

I'm glad that you girls had a fun time!

Pat said...

I thought I left a comment earlier.

Rosey is adorable. What a fun time that must have been. Sounds like a great afternoon to me. Did you make the cutouts? I only see the frosting going on.