Sunday, March 01, 2009

Call it Gifts, Call it Talents, Call it Whatever . . .

Janet reorganized this Lazy Susan for me.

This food pantry was a disaster waiting to happen. Plus, I couldn't find things.

Former messy linen closet is now the organized food pantry.

This apron used to be my favorite. I made it in 1982. See how threadbare it is? I decided it was time for a new one. It took the persuasion of my relatives for me to toss the old one into the garbage yesterday. (Notice the contents of the linen closet on my sofa and part of my food pantry on the table behind the sofa.)

New "everyday" apron - fresh from my sewing machine.

Former food pantry; my new linen closet.

It seems everyone one in my family has at least one special gift. One remembers everything he reads, another is comfortable on stage and off. One has the gift of focus - she remains so focused, so reliable. One is a marvelous teacher, another has the gift of creativity. One can take a broken machine and turn it into one as good as new. My sister is thoughtful; my brother has servant-like behavior. An aunt has the gift of hospitality, the other aunt - the gift of gentleness and humbleness. My grandkids have the gift of sunshine. Yes, they bring sunshine to my life.

My cousin Pat has the gift, talent and whatever you want to call it, of organization. She can come to my home (she's ALWAYS welcome), take one look at the inside of one of my closets, and without scolding, start to remove everything and organize it into catagories. Last October she completely redid the closet in my cottage. Yesterday she tackled my food panty and linen closet. Both were a mess! I discovered I had many more cans of this and that, and a few other surprises. With her keen eye, all like items are now together, and life in that part of my home should run a lot smoother.
P.S. I found my ear muffs. They were in my car!


MamaD4 said...

Donna, I think it's time to empty out the garage and let Pat go to work in there! I've only ever caught glimpses of it...but it looks like it could all come tumbling down at some point!

I have been thinking of getting an Amy Butler apron pattern and borrowing a friend's sewing machine to make some aprons. Just for fun. Are they pretty easy?

I Love Barbershop said...

Thank you for the kind words. It just doesn't feel like work when you enjoy being together and making it fun.

Pat said...

Donna, you are too kind. I don't see it as a talent. Not sure what it is. Possibly my need to have some sort of control over my life and organizing does it for me.

I love my apron. Yesterday, Mary Beth & Denny were at Moms and we made the tea and opened the tin of cookies you gave to Mom. It was fun .

Glad you found your ear muffs.

We do need to get to the other side of that closet.