Monday, September 08, 2008

God Had Other Plans

This past weekend Hans and Heidi flew to Minnesota to pay a visit to their much loved grandmother. Erna's daughter CeCe and other cousins came to Minnesota as well - from California, Ohio, and Nebraska. We spent much of Sunday and Monday at the hospital where Erna had a room in hospice care. I wonder if other hospice care rooms have had the visitors and laughter that this room comprised? It was amazing! At times there were 17 - 20 people there. But God wasn't ready to take Erna home yet. She went from ICU to a hospice room, and is scheduled to go back to a nursing home on Thursday. The weekend Hans, Peder and Heidi expected to spend in southern Minnesota never haptranspired. Instead they experienced a happy time of reminiscing with their grandma, father, and other relatives. It was so good to see everybody again. And we all wish Erna the very best!

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Lynn said...

I am happy to hear that Erna is doing better. She has been in my thoughts and prayers. I have many memories of Erna as well, as she used to treat me like one of her grandchildren too. She even wrote an entry in my autograph book and signed it Grandma Walker.